Living a dream

19 januari 2020

Three days ago I arrived in Ethiopia and I feel how the flower of life opens me.

This time I am in Ethiopia because I feel the time is arrived to search a spot to live.

I got spontanioisly two dreams that seems to prepare me for this...

The first dream was me who was balancing on a rope between two mountains. It asked a lot of focus till I came on the point where the rope turned me in opposit direction. In fact it felt like falling down but there came a second liferope around my middle and let me balance in opposit direction on the rope.

The second dream let me see the book that I was reading. The cover of the book was from leather and a golden horse was riding on it. What we call the inside of the book, was the outside and what we call the outside of the book was the inside. So with following the horse, I read the book:))The work of my Ethiopian boyfriend has first to finish and than I gonna make the leap to a spot that get our interest a lot :Mulu Eolodge!!

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