Happy new

1 januari 2020

I stood in the middle of the forest. Listening what is coming.

Water drops (due to the swollen fog between the trees )were falling down. Plic, ploc, plic,...

I closed my eyes...

All drops were following fast each other and let me hear together a gurgled source. This sound behind the curtain of fog tells me how to stay in my reality.

Lot of things penetrate deeply in my life. A problem never comes alone but loves to be surrounded by more examples. We ask ourselves in such moment...why so much drops in the same moment? But the magic on such moment seems to be to hear the sound of the hidden source in us!

I breath in and out this sound and know that all is beaten in my life.

Three deers run full speed. Earth pass their vibrant run on my feet. I open my eyes. I see their white rumps as white dots between the trees.

It went so so fast that the white fixated on my retina as a white guirlande on the lower situated branches of the trees. That white guided my eye to more white in the forest.

I walked to the light and discovered this open spot into this forest.

I knew not the treated paths but water and the trace of light from deers led me today.

My heart exulted : "happy new" (' happy new year' is something alienated for me)

Later on I realized it was a real constelation of the forest : when I give myself an open space, i can stand on myself and my partner too. And we will be surrounded by standing on the ground creatures!

Full of power I return home!

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